Fund Description


ENCRYPTED CAPITAL FUND, LP (the “Partnership” or the “Fund”) is a Delaware limited partnership formed on January 4, 2022 to operate as a private investment fund primarily for the benefit of taxable U.S. investors and certain tax-exempt U.S. investors.

As the Partnership may make investments or enter into transactions directly or indirectly through other vehicles, references to the term “Fund” as used in this Memorandum in the context of the Partnership’s portfolio, investment program and related risks should be understood to mean the Partnership and/or any other vehicle through which the Partnership makes investments or enters into transactions.

The Investment Advisor reserves the right to vary the structure of the Partnership for tax, regulatory, operational and other similar reasons.


ENCRYPTED CAPITAL LLC (the “General Partner”) an Illinois limited liability company, serves as the general partner of the Partnership. The Principal, as the managing member of the General Partner, controls the General Partner. The General Partner has ultimate responsibility for the management, operations and investment decisions made on behalf of the Partnership.