Kenneth Haton, Christopher Bauman and Ralph Ermilio are the founders and managers of both the General Partner and the Investment Advisor.


KENNETH HATON is a Founder and Managing Member of the General Partner and Investment Advisor. He serves as th  Chief Investment Officer at Encrypted Capital. He began his cryptocurrency trading career in 2012 when there was only a handful of cryptocurrencies to choose from. Mr. Haton began a process of researching and developing trading strategies and models in the new and complex world of digital assets in real time trading of his pilot account. During this time Mr. Haton started multiple businesses, one of which landed him a spot as a featured entrepreneur on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. Mr. Haton, as a Managing Member of the General Partner and Investment Advisor, brings a decade of cryptocurrency trading, research, development and  experience to the Partnership. He is a graduate of Columbia College, Chicago, IL where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management in 2007.


CHRISTOPHER BAUMAN is a Founder and Managing Member of the General Partner and Investment Advisor. Mr.  Bauman entered the financial services industry in May 2010 in Chicago at Morgan Stanley where he was employed as Financial Analyst. He left the firm in February 2011 to found, operate  own Zenith Music Management which he owns and operates presently. He is also the owner of Shirley’s Piano Bar LLC which he opened in May 2017 and continues to operate. In June 2018 he formed and is the operator of AR & IR INC. D/B/A AVONDALE MUSIC HALL. In January 2018 he founded and continues to operate Patio Theater Chicago LLC. In June 2013 he joined  Encrypted Capital LLC as a Managing Member.  In December 2004 he received a Bachelor of Arts (BA)degree from from Valparaiso University. In 2007, he received a Master Business Administration (MBA) from Valparaiso University.


RALPH ERMILIO is a Founder and Managing Member of the General Partner and Investment Advisor. He began his professional and financial services career as a Relationship Banker with MidAmerica Bank in November of 2005, through multiple bank mergers during the 2008 banking crisis and became Bank Manager with PNC Bank from 2009 to 2013. From there Mr. Ermilio left to become a Vice President at First Merit Bank which was acquired eventually by Huntington National Bank out of Ohio. He would have a successful run of seven years with Huntington growing relationships in both Consumer and Commercial capacities, earning numerous awards and being recognized as leader amongst his peers. Seeing the potential cryptocurrency was beginning to display as a relatively new asset class, and its growing adoption within the institutional investors Mr. Ermilio left his career of 15 years in Banking and Finance looking to take Encrypted Capital and its investors to new heights.